Airport & Station

Analysis of Airport Station Wharf Demand

The LED display shows real-time flight and train information around the clock, allowing passengers to easily obtain their travel information.

Play promotional clips, advertisements and other video content to provide advertisers with a good publicity platform and produce better advertising effects.


Innovative LED display design, ground guidance, pillar screen, rotating screen. , Combined with the building, not only beautifies the building, but also is a huge advertising space, achieving a good combination of LED display and scene applications.

The quality is stable and supports 7*24 hours of work around the clock.


Program features


1. High-definition and large vision: Stations and airport terminals require display screens with clear text and pictures, and a large viewing angle, suitable for passengers to watch at close distances.

2. Energy saving and environmental protection, low power consumption: the screen needs to work for a long time, and the energy saving solution can effectively reduce power consumption, reduce carbon emissions, and be environmentally friendly.

3. Multiple display combinations: According to your on-site installation needs, provide single and double color LED display, indoor full-color LED display, outdoor full-color LED display, cylindrical screen, transparent screen, ground guide screen and other combinations, which are perfectly satisfied You request.

4. High reliability: Cooperate with power supply and double signal backup to ensure that the LED display will never be black.



Small-pitch LED screen series: p1.25、p1.5、p1.6、p1.8、p1.9、p2.


Indoor fLED screen series: p2.5、p3、p4、p5、p6.


Flexible LED screen series p1.25、p1.56、p1.875、p2、p2.5、p3、p4.


Transparent LED screen series p2.9-6.25、p3.91-7.81、p1.04-10.4.


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