Corporation & Conference


Conference display demand analysis


To hold press conferences, trade shows, road shows, product launches, seminars or quarterly meetings, it is required to display clearly.


Single-screen projection, multi-screen interaction, and multi-screen multi-display, satisfying video, file, image, wireless projection content, etc. on the screen, flexible switching of single-screen projection, multi-screen interaction, multi-screen multi-display, satisfying video and file , Images, wireless projection content, etc. on the screen, flexible switching.


Multi-party remote video conference, multi-screen simultaneous display, remote video conference, online at the same time.


In the case of low brightness, the gray scale is not lost, and the picture is soft and not irritating.


Program features


1. High-definition display: According to the actual needs of customers, customized for high resolution and high pixel density, display high-definition pictures.

2. Multi-application expansion method: support mobile phone, tablet computer wireless projection, video, picture, Office document, PDF, IE, network video and other content can be flexibly adjusted and watched simultaneously.

3. Multi-role operation: moderators, participants, etc. can write, annotate, and circle content on multiple screens, group discussion of multiple data, report files, comparative analysis and presentation.

5. Remote synchronization display screen: Support cross-region synchronization video conference through the network and input external models.

6. Customize the most suitable conference room LED display according to customer requirements and on-site.



Small pitch LED screen series: p1.25、p1.5、p1.6、p1.8、p1.9、p26.


Indoor LED screen Series: p2.5、p3、p4、p5、p6.


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