Outdoor Advertising

Demand analysis of outdoor advertising media


Outdoor digital signage display screens are called commercial advertising LED screens, which provide dynamic videos outdoors to attract pedestrians to watch them, which maximizes the spread of advertising media.


According to the actual situation of the customer, it can be customized to suit your needs, and the size and shape can be customized. From the initial idea to the completion of the installation, let the outdoor LED display perfectly fit your building.


The product needs to be used in the sun, the viewing is not affected, and withstand rain, wind and dust, the failure rate is low, and it is easy to maintain.


According to the actual needs of customers, it needs to support multiple signal source inputs, support wired and wireless control, and complete and clear video display through system processing.


7 out of 10 people can recall the advertisements they saw in the past few months. From the billboards on the roof and the roadside to the LED displays on both sides of the building, outdoor advertising is one of the most cost-effective media platforms.


Program features


1. Adapt to various climates: Rich production experience and professional manufacturing technology ensure that the display screen can be used normally in any climate environment.

2. Multiple control methods: The controller supports network sub-control and multi-user operation, supports synchronous and asynchronous control methods, supports remote control, and wireless control.

3. Multi-signal input display: realize multi-signal access display, support text, picture and video input, support real-time broadcast, live broadcast, and centralized control playback in the background.

4. Customizable appearance: Junxian is customized to suit your needs, size and shape can be customized. From the initial idea to the completion of the installation, we have extensive experience in cooperating with all types of customers. We work closely with your team and add the LED display to your field of vision.



Outdoor LED screen series:p2、p2.5、p3、p4、p5、p6、p8、p10、p16.


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