Creative Design

Creative LED display demand analysis


Breaking the conventional LED display in appearance, designing various appearance displays, not only can attract the attention of the audience in the first time, so as to achieve better publicity effect.


With the ultimate pursuit of dynamic stage beauty in various theatrical performances, wedding shows, opening ceremony performances, and leisure and entertainment fields, creative display has become a new market demand.


Combining the basic elements and symbols of the building, seeking the best visual language, from the perspective of art and aesthetics, the LED display elements and the building are perfectly integrated and further beautified, so as to achieve value sublimation, achieve urban landmarks, and enhance urban image.


In tourist attractions or shopping malls, create an immersive LED display experience, a new visual experience.


Program features


1. Flexible LED display: it can be bent arbitrarily according to the shape to create a cylindrical, arc, wave and other shape display,

2. Transparent LED display: The product is light-transmissive. When the screen is not lit, it does not block the buildings behind. The screen displays the screen after it is powered on. It can be made into a Rubik's cube and other shapes.

3. Floor tile LED display: display images and videos on the outdoor or indoor ground, cooperate with interactive systems, add interesting games, and cooperate with flexible LED display.

4. Special-shaped LED display: spherical LED display, cube LED display, letter LED display and other products can be customized.



Flexible LED screenseries: p1.25、p1.56、p1.875、p2、p2.5、p3、p4. 


Transparent LED screen series: p2.9-6.2、p3.91-7.81、p10.4-10.4.


Floor LED screen series: p2.5、p3、p4、p5、p6、p8、p10、p16.


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