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1. Technical services include:


1. The company will provide users with technical consulting services for LED display products, and provide a full set of comments and related technical suggestions on the technical parameters, specifications, equipment configuration, function settings, environmental factors and other aspects of the product.


2. Provide a complete set of technical documents, equipment data, instructions for use, and maintenance instructions.


3. The company will train operation and maintenance personnel for LED display products for free for users. Since the operation and daily general maintenance of the system require more professional knowledge and skills, the company will propose a training plan and train designated personnel for users on site. These trainings include:


*Operation training: system overview, system operation procedures, program production examples, field operation practice.


*Maintenance training: inspection of system components, system adjustment and maintenance, system and component troubleshooting.


2. After-sales stage:


1. Our company is responsible for all product assembly, debugging, training and after-sales service.


2. Operation training, our company provides users with free training related instructions and simple maintenance.


3. The company can send professionals to guide and complete the installation and commissioning.


4. The quality assurance instructions provided by the company to users:


A. During the quality assurance period, the company is responsible for maintaining all the assembly, and is responsible for free replacement and repair of any equipment or component damage caused by workmanship, material and product quality.


B. If the equipment fails during the quality assurance period, if necessary, the company will send maintenance personnel to the site for maintenance within 12 hours after receiving the user's notice.


C. After the quality assurance period, the company is still responsible for the maintenance of the LED display, and only charges a certain fee according to the specific situation, such as component fees.


5. The company's maintenance personnel make regular inspections and repairs.


6. The company will provide users with upgrade services related to production, control, and playback software.


3. Description of training content:


The purpose of training is to train system operators, after training, so that they can operate the system proficiently, and can deal with some basic faults.


The main content of the training includes:


(1) Computer operated LED display


(2) Basic working principle of LED display


(3) Operating procedures of the system


(4) Daily maintenance and safety precautions of the system and display information


(5) System software installation


(6) Simple software fault handling Simple hardware fault handling


Our company trains 1-3 operation and maintenance personnel for users free of charge. Users can send personnel to our company for training, or on-site training during the installation and construction of the LED display.


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