OLED transparent screen VS LED transparent screen, who is better

2022-09-06 10:30:20

01. The uniqueness of OLED transparent screen attracts a large number of display manufacturers to add more


Transparent TV, the display part adopts a whole transparent OLED self-luminous screen. From a technical point of view, the self-luminous characteristic allows it to have a contrast ratio of 150,000:1 and an infinite dynamic contrast ratio. The bright and dark areas of the picture can be displayed more abundantly. Compared with other transparent screen technology solutions, OLED transparent screen has huge advantages in transparency, contrast, display form, etc. In terms of screen technology, it also achieves extremely slim and thin screen thickness while maintaining excellent display characteristics. To 5.7mm.


As early as 2008, Samsung started the research and development of its transparent OLED panel products, and demonstrated its OLED TV products in 2015. At the 2016 CES exhibition, Panasonic demonstrated its own transparent TV technology, and in 2020 At the InfoComm 2020 event in June, LG demonstrated the latest display technologies, including a transparent OLED touch screen, which has a light transmittance of 38% and is used in commercial areas including airports, museums and even shops. From the perspective of the global market, the application range of OLED products is growing rapidly. Giant upstream manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, JDI, AUO, BOE and other giant manufacturers have successively put into production OLED panels. Driven by upstream manufacturers, some domestic display manufacturers have also started to produce OLED panels. Launched OLED display products, including OLED transparent screens.


OLED transparent screen is unique for its colorful, light and thin, power saving, high plasticity and other characteristics. As a new display technology, the biggest feature is that there is no backlight, so it solves various problems such as viewing angle, smear, thickness, and bending. It also has some unique structural designs, supports horizontal infinite splicing, and has unique advantages in super-large screen applications. It has an ultra-thin OLED module structure, which greatly saves installation space, and can be flexibly applied in various occasions. The teacher has more room for imagination.


  02. Each has its own merits, LED transparent screen VS OLED transparent screen is hard to distinguish


Thanks to the advantages of technology and materials, OLED transparent screens can still inherit the characteristics of OLED's flexibility, foldability, and delicate screen. In most indoor applications, LED transparent screens have obvious competitive advantages. For this, some LEDs may be transparent. Screen manufacturers are not calm, but in fact it is not. In the traditional outdoor field, especially building construction, because the area of the display is very large, OLED loses its advantages in cost and landscape design requirements. Therefore, in the field of large and medium-sized transparent screens, The status of LED transparency The status of transparent screens is difficult to shake. Because OLED transparent screens are still in the stage of market adaptation and the technology has not yet reached the stage of full maturity, transparent OLED panels still have problems such as insufficient brightness and low contrast, and the cost is still very high. Gao, although the emergence of Xiaomi OLED transparent TVs has made waves in the consumer market, its large-scale impact on the LED transparent screen application market remains to be seen.

From Samsung’s abandonment of transparent OLED panel TVs to now Xiaomi has picked up transparent OLED TVs, it is difficult to simply see who has impacted the LED transparent screen market or the OLED transparent screen market, and which market has a broader prospect. It’s short, but the inch is long." A transparent OLED panel is not cheap, so there are not many users who can really accept transparent OLED panel TVs; LED transparent screens are aimed at high-end commercial displays at the beginning. They are not very sensitive, they care more about the display effect and the stability of the project. At this point, the LED transparent screen is undoubtedly the most powerful.


Of course, this does not mean that LED transparent screen manufacturers can "sit back and relax". First of all, from a technical perspective, LED transparent screens still have the contradiction of "transparency and clarity cannot be achieved simultaneously". In the indoor display field of the distance, from the display effect alone, the LED transparent screen is difficult to match the OLED transparent screen. The smaller the dot pitch of the LED display, the higher the resolution and the better the display effect. The reason why the LED transparent screen is popular in the market is because of its good permeability. Therefore, many LED transparent screen manufacturers continue to optimize their products. To improve the transparency of LED transparent screens, companies must make a choice in choosing clarity and transparency. Therefore, in the future, how to achieve smaller dot spacing, more delicate display screens, and achieve human-screen interaction. The commercial value of LED display will be further highlighted, which are the problems that LED transparent screen manufacturers urgently need to face and solve. In addition, LED transparent screens are more inclined to the trend of private customization. Customized LED transparent screens require higher technical requirements and need to be more stable. The products of LED display also put forward higher requirements for LED display manufacturers. How to achieve technology popularization and mass production, and promote the gradual maturity of products is also a major difficulty in the development of LED transparent screens.


  03, conclusion


In summary, taking the opportunity of Xiaomi’s launch of OLED transparent TVs, the transparent display has once again attracted more than just the attention of the display field. People have begun to re-examine the technical advantages and disadvantages of OLED transparent screens and LED transparent screens, and start to conduct horizontal and vertical The contrast between the LED display screens, which is just a reminder to the LED transparent screen manufacturers. At present, it seems that the LED transparent screens must move from the mid-to-high-end market to the general application, not only to solve the technical obstacles in the display, but also to reduce the price, and To further strengthen market promotion and education, and to occupy the potential market first, can it further expand its market share in the commercial display field, open a new blue ocean of the market, and grab more "cakes" from the OLED transparent screen market.

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